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BlackLash is an independently owned and operated eyelash extension studio specializing in semi-permanent Lash Box LA eyelash extensions in West Kelowna.

Chantel's first career was a Licensed Practical Nurse and after researching the lash extension industry, she made the decision to switch paths. She is professionally trained as a Lash Stylist by Xtreme Lash ‘s experienced instructors to provide clients with their desired end result and has been doing it for over six years.

Quality, cleanliness and proper technique are of most importance when applying eyelash extensions. Chantel uses cashmere and silk lash extensions and various types of medical grade adhesives, including Lash Box LA, Lethal Lashes and different grades of Sugarlash.

A client consultation is completed to ensure the right look is created for each individual eye shape, lash length and desired style.

Chantel takes great pride in producing gorgeous lashes and making sure her clients has an overall relaxing and enjoyable experience. 


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